What Client has to say

The first time I saw Vivek’s pictures of my wedding, I was mesmerized as I had not imagined that my own wedding could be so beautiful! I felt so blessed to have chosen him as our photographer when I went through the entire album. We could re-live the whole thing as he had captured not just the events, but also the animated expressions and the joy on the faces of everyone around. He captured several cute moments like my cousins giggling, friends meeting up after long etc. and thus captured through his photos not just the look, but also the FEEL of the whole wedding. My favourite photos are those of my camera-shy mother who is smiling in so many photos!

Vivek’s photos speak to his superlative talent. His shots are a lovely mix of artistic and candid, the quality of the photos is excellent and the final album comes out in such beautiful vibrant colours!

Vivek is also an amazing person to work with. He is so cheerful and happy, and it feels like you’ve known him as a close friend for years almost instantly. I must mention how even though I had asked Vivek to capture only the main wedding, he volunteered to come the previous day and captured several lovely shots in the sangeet/reception as well. I was truly touched by this wedding gift!

Further, Vivek had injured his leg which I thought would make it difficult for him to move around and manoeuvre freely – yet, it did not deter him one bit. At the wedding, mixes well with the crowd and generally puts everyone around him at ease. A photographer is one of the most important vendors at the wedding, I am ecstatic I got mine right. ​

The Venue

Sathya Sai Samskruta Sadanam

Getting Ready


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