Why Creative Genes

We appreciate that you have many good photographers to choose from. However, if you are choosing us, there must be some strong reasons for it. Let us tell you what we offer more than just the services. 


Passion over Money

Passion has no price tag. It’s priceless, and that’s what makes a passionate photographer always stand out, among the rest. At Creative Genes, we are driven purely by passion and money is just a byproduct of our time and efforts. Needless to say, our pricing is significantly lower than what you have to pay for comparable quality of work, for the same reason. More than monetary gains, we strive for artistic excellence, and that’s how we are able to put our heart and soul in the work that we create. We believe, client’s satisfaction and some heartfelt words of appreciation, are our true rewards as artists.


Trust & Experience

When it comes to your wedding, we know that you would never settle for anything less than a truly professional and experienced photographer. Apart from what our work may speak for itself, we have earned a reputation for, not only delivering high quality images, but also quicker turnaround time, as compared to the industry standard. We are flexible enough to prioritize our specific need, over our individual preferences. Above all, we believe in building long standing relationships by creating the trust that you need for your big day.


Fresh Perspective

Unlike many mainstream wedding photographers, we are very selective about the projects that we choose to do in an year. This helps us ensure that we do not get repetitive and are able to bring fresh perspective, every time we take up an assignment. We make it a point to take constructive breaks to come up with new and creative ideas, study latest wedding trends, constantly upgrade relevant skills to be on top of the game. This also keeps us motivated enough to challenge our own limits.


Homework and Comfort

Before we head out for a shoot, a lot of preparation goes into it. These may be understanding the specific customs and rituals of our client, getting introduced to the key family members and friends, and most importantly, developing good rapport with the bride, groom and their family to develop a comfort level. We often meet as a photographer and leave the venue as good friends. This helps our client to be at ease all the time, especially when they are being photographed.

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