Why is Wedding Photography so Expensive?

Wedding photography is most ruthless form of photography. It is more like covering a chaos situation where a photographer does not have much control, the way he/she would have in a studio or planned shoot. The scope for going wrong here is much wider than any other genre of photography. If a photographer misses anContinue reading “Why is Wedding Photography so Expensive?”

How do I find a budget wedding photographer in India?

If you are looking for a budget wedding photographer who is also quite good at the same time, it is very difficult to find one. It is very unlikely that an expert wedding photographer in India would be willing to cover your wedding at a price any lesser than the price set by them. InContinue reading “How do I find a budget wedding photographer in India?”

What should be my criteria for hiring a wedding photographer?

If I have to hire a wedding photographer for my own wedding, my criteria would be the following: Recent Work: A photographer may be good in the past and may have lost track in the recent time owing to various reasons. Therefore, it is important to look at the recent work. Complete set of pictures:Continue reading “What should be my criteria for hiring a wedding photographer?”

How to Differentiate between a Real Photographer and a Beginner

Anyone having a DSLR camera thinks that he/she is a professional photographer. What is the line that separates a real photographer from an amateur photographer/beginners? (as asked on Quora) Real Photographer vs. Beginners Equipment Real photographers know the ins and outs of their equipment and use it merely as a toy to translate their visualContinue reading “How to Differentiate between a Real Photographer and a Beginner”

What is Candid Photography?

One common question that a lot of clients ask me is what candid photography is; how it is different from traditional photography; whether they should prefer a candid photographer over a traditional photographer; and the like. Let me answer these questions in the simplest way I can. Candid photography is a style of photography whereContinue reading “What is Candid Photography?”

Why a Pre-wedding Shoot?

Most of the wedding photographers, being more interested in making some quick money, would obviously promote the growing trend of pre-wedding shoots. I don’t think if they would ever question why people go for pre-wedding shoots till the time they have to get it done for themselves or someone in their family. So, why doContinue reading “Why a Pre-wedding Shoot?”

B+S (Wedding)

“It’s been absolute pleasure having known Vivek who went on to become a good friend… He goes beyond our expectations. He is the perfect candid photographer who will blend well with guests. We are happy about the decision to have Vivek capture our big day…. Thanks a ton!!”  – Savita (Bride), March 22, 2017

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