How to Differentiate between a Real Photographer and a Beginner

Anyone having a DSLR camera thinks that he/she is a professional photographer. What is the line that separates a real photographer from an amateur photographer/beginners? (as asked on Quora) Real Photographer vs. Beginners Equipment Real photographers know the ins and outs of their equipment and use it merely as a toy to translate their visualContinue reading “How to Differentiate between a Real Photographer and a Beginner”

What is Candid Photography?

One common question that a lot of clients ask me is what candid photography is; how it is different from traditional photography; whether they should prefer a candid photographer over a traditional photographer; and the like. Let me answer these questions in the simplest way I can. Candid photography is a style of photography whereContinue reading “What is Candid Photography?”

Why a Pre-wedding Shoot?

Most of the wedding photographers, being more interested in making some quick money, would obviously promote the growing trend of pre-wedding shoots. I don’t think if they would ever question why people go for pre-wedding shoots till the time they have to get it done for themselves or someone in their family. So, why doContinue reading “Why a Pre-wedding Shoot?”

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Hello, I’m Vivek. A lawyer by profession, a visual artist by passion. Painting in school took me to a whole new journey of photography later in my law school. I have been taking up professional assignments since 2015. I love travelling and creating artwork that starts conversations.

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