Questions Please?

What is your style, Candid or Traditional?
My style of photography is taking candid and natural shots, without ever disturbing the mood of the moment. I believe that the notion of “creating candid moments” is an oxymoron. Most of the clients just need a bit of guidance when it comes to expressing natural, raw emotions in front of the camera. I assist them only to the extent of getting comfortable around the camera and let them be their own natural self at all times.

Do you have a team? 
Yes; we do have a purposely small team of candid photographer, traditional photographer, and a videographer. They all are master of their craft. When on shoot, we coordinate with each other to ensure that no aspect of your wedding is left uncovered, both on the bride and groom side. We never use our names to send someone else to do the job.

How long have you been doing wedding photography?
I have been doing wedding photography for more than 5 years, and covered many destination weddings within India.

Do you travel outside Mumbai for a shoot?
Yes; we have covered weddings in Bangalore, Goa, Kerala and Karnataka. Our charges for outstation shoots remains the same as applicable for Mumbai. However, you have to pay or reimburse for the cost of travel and accommodation over and above that.

Do you charge for half day only?
Yes; we do charge for half day only, if the event is wrapped up within 6-7 hours. Anything beyond 7 hours is chargeable as a whole day. The cost for hiring for half-day is 60% of the rate as applicable for full day.

Do you provide wedding albums?
Yes; we do provide wedding albums on cost-to-cost basis. However, we do not include album charges in our quotation, as it may vary depending on the number of photographs you select, number of sheets, quality of print, and cover design. The tentative cost of printing an album of 12” X 30” size with 40 sheets, can come to around INR 12,000/- to INR 15,000/-.

Will you give us all the raw files?
On a wedding, we usually end up making more than 2000 photos. In order to save your time and efforts wading through endless number of images, we take the painstaking responsibility of going through each of the photographs, and mindfully selecting and processing the best of the lot, using our aesthetic sense. As a non-photographer, you may not be best equipped to check the technical quality, editability, printability, and most importantly to pick subtle nuances between similar looking images. Moreover, working on raw files does require certain technical expertise. Therefore, we only provide hand-picked quality images that we promise. What else you could have possibly asked for?


Is there any restriction on number of hours you will shoot in a day?
We consider 12 hours of shoot in a day as reasonable and industry standard, and our quotation is also based on that premise. However, we do provide one 1-2 hours of grace period for which we do not charge anything extra. We believe that photography is not run-of-a-mill product and requires ultimate precision and creativity. We all are human beings and anything beyond 14-15 hours of consistent work in a day does put a heavy toll on our productivity and energy level for the next day’s shoot. Therefore, we charge certain amount, as specified in the quotation on hourly basis for the extra hours of shoot, more as deterrent than our fee.

How long before my wedding dates, I need to book you?
It is always better for you to book us at least 3-4 months in advance so that you can avail the most discounted prices/ offers we can possibly offer. However, you are always free to book us at any time, subject to our availability.

Do I need a candid photographer for my reception?
If you are going to be happy with the posed formal group, you don’t think need a candid photographer for reception. However, if you also want us to capture those light moments when you and your guests are having interesting conversation off stage, those sweet hugs and handshakes, fun moments, you do need a candid photographer.

What if, I am not satisfied with the photographs?
We are very confident that such a situation would not arise at the first place. However, if at all, it so happens, we will make sure that we do everything possible to win your trust and make all possible corrections, that may be required.

Will you take our consent before posting our photos online?
We value and respect your privacy more than our business interest. Therefore, we always make it a point to take your consent to post some of the images on our website and social media. It is only when we have taken the consent, we use them for editorial, photography competition, or publicity purposes. However, if you still require us to take any photos down, we are committed to oblige such request at the earliest.

Do you provide drone for wedding?
Yes, it can be made available, and the charges for the same will be payable separately on cost-to-cost basis. However, we do not recommend drones for anything other than destination weddings, as a typical drone shot or video should ideally have above ground level (AGL) of more than 50 feet (15 meters) which is not possible at most of the venues. Further, as per DGCA regulations, usage of drone may also require permission from local police and is generally prohibited during night time.

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