Service Quality

Your most common complaints

When we analyzed some of the most common complaints of the clients for other wedding photographers in their reviews, we found that they all were mostly related to:

1. Inordinate Delay in providing the Deliverables (to the extent of 6-8 months in some cases).

2. Unprofessional Conduct & No Respect for Privacy (posting photos on social media, without client’s consent, and sometimes despite their objection).

3. Taking Full Payment even before the Deliverables are Received (and redressing concerns once the payment is made)

How we do it

Turnaround Time
Firstly, we always stick to the timeline that we promise to deliver the final work product. We never promise or commit for something that we cannot deliver on time. Our turnaround time is much speedier than many other photographers.

Respect for Privacy
We are one of the very few wedding photographers in India, who never claim any ownership or copyright on your photographs, or use them without your consent. We respect your privacy and are always happy to take down any photos, upon your request at the earliest possible.

Delivery First, Payment Later
We put your satisfaction first and ensure that you are always more than satisfied with the final work product. We are always more than willing to redress your concerns and would go to any length to see a smile on your face, looking at the photographs we click. In fact, we wait for your feedback and comments before requesting for the last leg of payment.

Work Ethics and Professional Conduct
We maintain the highest quality of professional conduct that you can expect from a highly educated and well groomed professional. We ensure that there is no communication gap or lack of coordination through the entire life cycle of the project. We often meet as photographer and leave the venue as good friends.

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