Terms and Conditions

Let’s be on the same page…


If the wedding venue is outside Mumbai, you (as “Client”) agree that necessary conveyance, food, and accommodation will be paid, reimbursed and/or arranged by you, at your own expense.

1.1 Travel: Airfare (to and from the venue) will be payable by you for all outstation shoots which is more than 10 hours journey from Mumbai by train. If we travel by train or bus, the fare will be payable for A/c sleeper coach. The timing of flight/ train/ bus will be of our preference.

1.2 Accommodation: Accommodation will be at a minimum of 3 star or higher hotel, or a decent room with necessary amenities, maximum on a twin sharing basis.

1.3 Food: Food allowance will be payable extra at the rate of INR 1500 per person for a day, if the same is not arranged at the venue.


2.1 Payment Cycle: You agree to make the payments in three stages as follows: (a) Stage 1: 25% of the billing amount, as token advance to confirm the booking and reserve the dates; (b) Stage 2: 50% of the billing amount either three (3) days before or after completion of the shoot, per your convenience; and (c) Stage 3: the balance amount on the same day as successful receipt of all deliverables.

2.2 Refund: If a confirmed booking is cancelled more than 30 days in advance, we will refund 50% of the amount received as token money. However, if a confirmed booking is cancelled in less than 31 days, we will not be liable to refund any amount received from you.

2.3 Overtime Charges: Our quotation is based on 12 hours of shoot in a day. However, we do provide two (2) hours of grace period for which we do not charge anything extra. Shooting time beyond 12+2 hours, will be chargeable as per the hourly rate mentioned in the quotation we send to you.


3.1 Consent & Privacy: You consent to posting of your wedding photographs by us on our website, social media and other wedding portals, to showcase our work, and occasionally submit few of them for photography competitions. You agree to release us from all liability and claims in connection with usage of your photographs for the above purpose. Even when we have your consent, we will be happy to take down any photo, if you so wish to, so as to respect your privacy and build a good relationship.

3.2 Limited Rights: We hereby agree that we will not use your photographs for commercial exploitation or any other purposes for which you have not consented to.


4.1 Delivery Dates: We agree to provide all processed images within 45 days from the last day of shoot. However, the delivery of album may require more time, depending on the time you take to select the images and approve the final design of the album, and queue at the finest printing house during peak season. You agree that the above timelines are subject to payment clearances at your end. Delivery date for video will depend on the time you take for song/music selection. Once the final selection is communicated to us, we will provide the video(s) within 30 days from that day.

4.2 Delivery Quality: In case you are not satisfied with the deliverables, you will have the right to request for a maximum of two rounds of corrections.

5. Paparazzi Guests: In the spirit of cheerful cooperation, Client agrees to give us precedence over the guests taking photographs or making videos for their personal use. We will not be held responsible for any lack of wedding photos, if your guest continues to interrupt our work and block our cameras, despite requests.

6. Jurisdiction: Any dispute in relation to these Terms and Conditions will be settled amicably within 30 days, failing which it will be subject to courts in Mumbai.


I hereby agree to the above terms and conditions.

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