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Rahul & Akanksha’s Story

If you think your love story is special and you want to flaunt it to your friends and relatives, nothing can be more meaningful than a photo essay. All you have to do is, manage some spare time so that I can meet you both in person and know about your unique story. I usually create a WhatsApp Group later to have follow-up discussions and questions. The discussions over the WhatsApp group may go on for a couple of weeks to iron out the details of locations, outfits, props, etc., and most importantly, to become more like a friend than just a photographer.

Unlike typical pre-wedding photographs, which may or may not have any correlation with the real-life events of your journey together or may simply look random when put together, here each of the photographs connects to the other to tell a story. It is more of an experience than just photographs. The medium of storytelling here need not necessarily be a photograph, but can also be your naive attempt at writing a poem on him/her, sending a romantic message, or learning a new skill/ art just for him/her. This requires consistent efforts and homework over a few weeks trying to bring the underrated pleasures of your love life to the forefront without ever being intrusive. Well, this also explains why this service is only available on request.

Here is a sneak peek into just a small part of such a story that I covered for one of my favourite couples. R and A met for the first time in an examination hall while writing a paper for chartered accountancy (CA) in Kolkata. Never in their wildest stretch of the imagination, they would have thought that they would be getting married one day. What started as mere chit-chatting on exam preparations became undying love for each other. And guess what? They even used to fill up application forms in a way that they get seats next to each other. No wonder, later they started even working together in the same company. You can just see for yourself the examination hall drama they had before it all began.

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