Ashwin & Shweta

This winter, we shot a lovely couple Ashwin and Shweta at their destination wedding at Jim Corbett. Let us show you a glimpse of their wedding from the photographer’s eye.

Ashwin and Shweta are both lawyers. The first time they saw each other and interacted was actually at work, being in the same law firm. With time, they got to interact even outside the office environment, and things just clicked.

What does Shweta like in Ashwin?

“Umm so much but most of all how comfortable we are with each other. He is a good friend to me and supportive of me despite many flaws. It still amazes me how two people so different can find love.”
– Shweta Adhikari

What does Ashwin like in Shweta?

“Wow!! What a question, there is so much I could write! I think she is the most beautiful person I’ve ever met. Of course, I get the short-end of the stick sometimes 😉, but she is so genuinely kind-hearted and loving that I think my brain needed time to recalibrate to just realise that such a person truly exists. Left to my own devices, I think I’m quite a stubborn and lazy bum. I have no idea how she tolerates me but thank god for that! The level of comfort I have with her is hard to put in words and her smile just fixes everything. I think I’m truly blessed to have her in my life, as my friend, my partner and my love.”
Ashwin Krishnan

Getting ready for the evening…

Click the image to see the full view.

Ashwin Shweta

28 November 2021

The Bride

Shweta Adhikari Lawyer

Make-up & Hair

Pragati Arora Uttarakhand

The Groom

Ashwin Krishnan Lawyer

❝Ashwin has been a very good friend and ex-colleague, who always keeps inspiring me as a lawyer and as a person. Down-to-earth, honest, witty, humorous, sensible, smart, kind, intelligent. I know the words will not do justice to what I know him as.❞

Vivek (Photographer)


The Venue

Corbett Suman Grand
Jim Corbett National Park

Vivek Verma Photography

Prasad Pande Photography

The Guests


The Barati

The Rituals

The Entry

The Stage

The Vidai

What our client has to say

“I have known Vivek for a really long time now. I was fortunate to have seen him pick up on his passion for photography and always felt he had a genuine knack for finding beauty where others would see the ordinary. We are really glad that he agreed to cover our wedding and can comfortably say that it was a decision well made 😊 One of the things that truly come to the fore is the ease with which he operates. His passion is always evident when you speak with him, but his pleasant and calm personality is one of his best traits. He puts you at so much ease, is very patient and understanding (really required, especially at weddings and for photo averse people like me!) and is very non-obtrusive in his manner of functioning, a thorough professional at his craft! It would also be grave injustice on my part if I didn’t make any mention of the work itself as the photos themselves have come out beautifully and bring out in colour, moments and memories we’ll truly cherish.

Vivek is a wonderful person and truly a professional in his field. He and his team were instantly able to put me and my family at ease, and capture some captivating photographs. I will treasure them forever. I simply cannot recommend him enough. He made sure everyone was comfortable and enjoying the experience. Thanks a lot, Vivek and best wishes!

– Ashwin Krishnan (Groom)
Vivek Verma Photographer


Published and featured in Vistara Airlines’ magazine, Mind Magazine, WedMeGood, Bblunt, Club Mahindra, Lumix India, MakeMyTrip, Deccan Chronicle. Know more

Prasad Pande Photographer


Published and featured in WedMeGood, ShaadiSaga and WeddingSutra. Know more

Our Wedding Portfolio

We have curated the best photographs from our wedding projects to give you a glimpse of the fine quality that you can expect from us.

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